Choosing the perfect paint matters

When you need interior or exterior paint, having a grasp of your specific requirements and preferences can change everything. Once you determine your needs and share them with our design experts and associates, you'll enjoy a perfect match, including options you may have overlooked. Here are a few essential facts that will matter, no matter what size project you have in mind coming up.

Painting the inside of your home

You may quickly realize it's time to upgrade your interior color, but what do you know beyond that point? There are some crucial points to consider as you prepare to pick a wall paint, and we can help ensure your complete success once you make those choices. Here are some terms to know and what they mean:

  • Matte finish - This finish is also called flat because it doesn’t reflect light, so it’s perfect for blending out bumps, cracks, and imperfections. Choose this finish for exceptional elegance in areas that won’t require washing.
  • Satin finish - Satin is the most common wall finish, but it also works well for trim, doors, and windows. This finish can stand up to it if you clean or scrub these surfaces.
  • Semi-gloss finish - If you’re looking for a wall paint midway between matte and glossy, this is it. It's perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, is easy to clean, and has just enough shine.
  • Glossy - True to its name, this paint offers a shiny, reflective quality that looks like plastic or enamel. It provides a dramatic appeal that's perfect in contemporary or formal décor schemes but requires extensive preparation before painting can begin.



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